Watch this talented guy give Barbie dolls the most mesmerising makeovers

They have better hair than all of us.

By Jessica Chandra

We don't mean to alarm you, but these Barbie dolls have amazing hair and probably look better than we ever will.

Rafinha Silva is a Brazilian artist who works his magic on teeny-tiny (plastic) clients: dolls. He specialises in giving dolls — usually Barbies — makeovers that involve cutting, curling and even dyeing their hair! Seriously, some of these Barbies have the balayage of our dreams. It's like a regular makeover… just on a much smaller scale.

Rafinha, who shares his work on the Instagram account @welovetheroyaldolls, has turned his talent into a lucrative business, and now creates custom dolls that go for around $200.

He also posts videos of the makeovers in hyperlapse, and they are super addictive.

Check it out for yourself in the video below: