9 Beauty and the Beast manicures to try at home

With varying degrees of difficulty.

By Erin Cook

In case you missed it: There’s a new, live-action version of Beauty and the Beast is coming our way! And Emma Watson is playing Belle! And we’re excited! (Can you tell?)

In honour of the Beauty and the Beast re-vamp, we’ve noticed a few manicures inspired by the Disney movie masterpiece kicking around on the internet. Here are 9 of our favourites:

1. Stained glass

2. Cogsworth? Is that you?

3. These hand painted gems

4. Chip!

5. Mrs Potts looks great with pastel pink

6. A simple rose says it all

7. But there’s more than one way to do a rose, you know?

8. The rose! The stained glass window!

9. A tale as old as time…