5 hacks we learned from beauty blogger Tina Yong

Ever considered setting your lipstick with eyeshadow?

By Erin Cook

Meet Tina Yong. She’s the beauty blogger/YouTuber/makeup artist from Sydney who’s gained a serious online presence over the last four years. (We’re talking over one million subscribers on YouTube kind of serious.)

Her ‘Tina Tries It’ series has seen the 25-year-old put a myriad of products to the test including: lip powder, stamp on makeup, peel off eyeshadow and lip tints. Safe to say, she’s tried it all… and then some.

We sat down with Tina to find out her top beauty hacks:

1. How to stop your makeup from looking too cake-y

Her go-to product? “My Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water. I’ll spray that on before makeup to hydrate the skin and also after I'll use it as a setting spray to get rid of that powdery feel,” she says. “It sets your makeup very nicely, that’s definitely my holy grail. That stuff I’m always restocking, it’s not moving from my kit.”

2. Take coconut oil to the beach

No, we’re not about to tell you to fry your skin in the sun with coconut oil. (That’s what sunscreen is for.)

Instead, Tina takes a jar of coconut oil to the beach to protect her hair from damage. “You know how if you go to the beach and your hair gets all dry - or even if you’re at a pool and there’s lots of chlorine? A good trick is to pop on some coconut oil. It protects the hair, plus it’s a treatment and conditioner. I always pack that.”

3. Keep two shades of foundation on hand

Having two shades of foundation in your makeup arsenal is a great way of making sure your colour fits your skin tone. “One [should be] lighter and one darker, so then you can mix and match for winter and summer when you’re a bit darker.”

“I love having two colours. Something a bit lighter and something a bit darker so I know I can mix and match. Especially when you’re on holidays and you get a tan and suddenly your foundation doesn’t match anymore.” Noted.

4. Set your lipstick with translucent powder or eyeshadow

We know that translucent powder is great for setting lipstick but eyeshadow…? “If I want to create more of a gradient lip or a bit darker on the edges or a vampy lip, I’ll go in with a brown or dark purple colour and it also sets it and makes it last all day,” Tina says.

5. Make eyebrows appear thicker using soap

More than one YouTuber has tried out the soap brows trick and Tina is on board. “You can use soap on your brows,” she says.

“If you have a transparent soap, grab a spoolie brush and use it as a brow gel and you can use it on your baby hairs as well if you have any crazy baby hairs sticking up.” It’ll also thicken your brows at the same time.


So, what would Tina never try? “Neck contouring. I’ve seen people contour their necks which is bazaar. I feel like they're taking contouring a little bit too far.” Amen!

On Saturday, Tina Yong will be appearing as a panellist at Beautify in Sydney. The event is the first of its kind in Australia and will bring together influences and entrepreneurs in the beauty, fashion and lifestyle industries. Tickets start at $35.