These beauty bloggers make a convincing case for putting soap on your eyebrows

Worth a try?

By Erin Cook

Soap. It’s the boring, non-offensive toiletry that we all use scrub our skin clean after a long, hard day at the office/gym/shopping centre.

But did you know that you can use soap on your face?

Introducing ‘soap brows’: the new trend that’s taking the Internet by storm, one beauty blogger at a time.

Basically, as these bloggers have discovered, you can use soap to thicken and shape your eyebrows.

Even brow expert Anastasia Beverly Hills is on board. Recently, she shared Shelby Triglia’s soap brow how to video on her own Instagram.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1.

Grab a spoolie and brush it over the soap.

Step 2.

Sweep the spoolie across the brows in an upwards motion.

Step 3.

Define your arches using a pencil or brow shadow.

Step 4.

Use concealer to sharpen up the area below.

Step 5.

There is no step 5, silly. You’re done!

It’s times like these we wish Instagram had a scent feature. We wonder if Shelby smells a little bit soap-y with her fancy new brows?