The beauty products Kim Kardashian is OBSESSED with

She's got a major thing for anything rose-scented.

By Bridget March
The beauty products Kim Kardashian is OBSESSED with

If Kim Kardashian's new baby had been a girl, we wonder whether her name would've been Rose? As the new mother's latest web posts confirms, she's frankly obsessed* with the flower.

"I fell in love with the scent of rose during my last pregnancy, when every other scent was making me nauseous," she explains in a beauty blog for her website. "I still haven't gotten over it. I just love it!" Well, craving flower power is a lot healthier than ice cream and carbs!

She continues by giving a breakdown of the exact* products that got her through the nine months of hormonal turmoil (one of which being a plug for her own brand – obvs). Be warned, there's a bloomin' LOT.

At the luxury end of the scale she starts with the Shiffa Rose Bliss Balm, which costs a whopping $549 (AUD) at Space NK. Beneath the decorative dried rose petals the all-natural balm is a bump's best friend, helping promote skin elasticity. Kimmy also indulges in The Organic Pharmacy Rose Facial Cleansing Gel, an award-winning natural beauty buy and the Fresh Hydrating Face Serum.

She scents her space with the dreamy Jo Malone London Red Roses Scented Candle and the Diptyque Roses Scented Oval – a scented wax on a black cotton cord for hanging (or storing in your smalls drawer). We wonder which method Kim uses…

On the more affordable end she shows Aussie natural skincare heroes Jurlique a lot of love. Kim adores their Essence of Rose Roll-On Fragrance Oil, Rose Hand Cream and Love Balm. But her fave bargain buy (which we doubt she actually buys…) is the Lush Rose Jam Bubbleroon – a bubble bar that cocktails lemon, rose and geranium oil with cocoa and shea butter. Pregnant or not, we want it.

Her very own Kim Kardashian Fleur Fatale perfume gets a special mention, of course, for its bouquet including Tea Rose, plus some berries, musk and woody notes.