5 beauty products you should always keep in your fridge

Put your nail polish in the fridge — stat!

By Erin Cook

Call us dramatic, but there is nothing worse than your favourite beauty product being discontinued. It's the pits. Finding the perfect shade of nude lipstick can take months of deliberation. (Years even!) So if you hear word your go-to shade is on it's on its way out, you must buy every single remaining product in sight.

If you've ever found yourself in this situation, you've probably asked yourself: "What's a girl to do with her newfound hoard of discontinued lipsticks?" Answer: Store them in the fridge.

Lipstick is just one of five beauty products that will last longer when stored in your refrigerator. Here, we explain why:


If there's a particular lipstick you use every day, you're fine to continue storing it in its current location — be it your makeup bag, bathroom shelf, handbag, office drawers, wherever. Just make sure it's out of the sun. However, if you have a collection of lipsticks, some of them are probably used on a less frequent basis. Store these special occasion lipsticks in the fridge. Otherwise, daily exposure to heat could cause the chemicals in the product to break down, slowly changing the shade of the lipstick until it's not the same as the one you purchased.

Nail polish

Repeat after us: "Nail polish should always be stored in the fridge, nail polish should always be stored in the fridge, nail polish should alw—"

Ongoing exposure to heat and sunlight can cause nail polish to become thick or even change colour. By popping your collection of nail varnishes in the fridge, you'll ensure they stay the right consistency and hue for months to come.


We recommend you store your perfume in the fridge for the same reason as lipstick and nail polish. If your signature scent is exposed to too much sunlight and heat, the chemicals will start to break down, causing it to smell not-so-great.

All natural beauty

We are 100% feeling the recent surge in popularity of eco-conscious beauty brands. For the most part, these products don't contain things like parabens and sulfates. These ingredients are used by companies to extend the shelf life of their formulas. So chuck your all natural, certified organic products in the fridge to prevent them from spoiling.


If you plan on using your sunscreen in a hurry, we wouldn't worry too much about where you store it. On the other hand, if you have a bottle of sunscreen on the go from last year, store it in the fridge. A warm environment can lessen the effectiveness of SPF over long periods of time.