These before and after photos of the Kardashians will blow your mind

Talk about insane transformations.

Instagram artist, Saint Hoax, has proved countless times Photoshop is their bitch and the latest series of cleverly edited images, which shows what the Kardashian sisters used to look like vs. now, is no exception.

In fact, these ‘shopped images are downright trippy with each sister looking like they're posing right next to version 1.0 of themselves.

Kim Kardashian’s transformation is un-freakin’-believable, with the new Kim looking decidedly chicer than the un-contoured Kimmy of the past.

Meanwhile, old Khloé is almost unrecognisable with the new Koko looking more sculpted in every way possible. Those braids are are also the stuff our hair dreams are made of.

But Kylie Jenner's changes over the years have got to be the most shocking, with fuller lips and eyebrows altering her whole face. But growing up does mean more makeup experimentation, so we know over-lining her lips and contouring play a part. And she has admitted to having lip fillers.

But TBF, if Saint Hoax got a hold of our high school photos with all of the tendrils in tow, we’d totally be cringing at the difference between our before and afters.

Makeovers FTW as long as it makes you happy.