The Internet is shading Bella Thorne's new makeup line

'Someone please explain why Bella Thorne is charging $50-$60- for nine-pan eyeshadow palettes...'

By Laura Capon

Welcome to 2018, where celebrity makeup brands have replaced celebrity perfume and made Kylie Jenner a billionaire at just 21 years old (well almost).

The latest celebrity to venture into the world of cosmetics is actress Bella Thorne, who just revealed her new brand, Filthy Fangs.

After releasing her first two eyeshadow palettes on Sunday, Bella announced that both had completely sold out within just a few hours, despite costing $70 -80 each.

Filthy Fangs South Beach Palette.
Filthy Fangs South Beach Palette.
Filthy Fangs Ocean Drive Palette.
Filthy Fangs Ocean Drive Palette.

Despite the sell-out, Twitter didn't have the nicest things to say about Bella's line and not only questioned the high prices, but also accused her of copying indie makeup brand Juvia's Place.

However, others loved the glitter palettes and were desperate to get their hands on them.

Bella is known for being experimental with her beauty looks, so it's no surprise that her palettes are as far away from a neutral colour scheme as you can get.