Bella Thorne just majorly copied Kendall Jenner

Copycat alert.

By Matt Galea
Bella Thorne just majorly copied Kendall Jenner

Bella Thorne has been making loads of headlines lately for all kinds of ~daring~ moves.

From uploading a nude photo to coming out as bi-sexual to joining protests like the Women’s March on Washington, the girl is never afraid to speak her mind and do whatever she feels.

And her latest bold AF move has been of the piercing variety.

Yep, Ms Thorne has decided to pierce her nips!

And in true Bella Thorne style, she revealed her newest accessory via social media.

The Famous In Love star took to Twitter to announce that she was getting a piercing, admitting that Kendall Jenner was her inspo.

”So like I'm getting a nip piercing ... #pullingAKendall #inspired,” she wrote.

She also added a pic to her Snapchat story where her piercing could be seen through her top.

To be fair, who among us doesn’t take inspiration from Kendall Jenner?

But its cool to see celebs borrowing style ideas from each other and totally owning it!

The model absolutely rocks the punk look and frankly, so does Bella.

Slay, kweens!