The celebrity brow shapes most requested by Australian women

Shock: Cara Delevingne only ranked third!

Audrey Hepburn eyebrows

As much as we love an Instagram eyebrow trend (see: squiggle brow), we’re not exactly running pics of them to our brow artist.

Aussie women seem to be taking a turn towards a more classic brow shape, and who could be more classic for inspiration than an old Hollywood queen? According to Benefit, 50% of women are asking for Audrey Hepburn-inspired arches, smashing the 24% requesting Kim K’s brows, and 12% trying to get in on Cara Delevingne’s boss brow action.

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So what exactly has us lusting over this fair lady’s eyebrows?

Their fullness:
Hepburn seems to be the goldilocks of eyebrows: not too thick, not too thin. “[Her] brows are perfectly weighted to her face – a crucial element when flaunting a bold brow” says Benefit’s national brow artist, Hannah Mutze. Of course, your face shape, eye shape and personal style all come into play when deciding the fullness of your own eyebrows, and working with a brow expert can really help you decide how full you need to go.

A straighter style:
Audrey’s tails, or for those of us who don’t speak eyebrow, the outer third of an eyebrow, are lifted and flow on almost horizontally from the rest of the brow. This particularly suits those with more of a square face. A straighter tail also enhances the appearance of cheekbones, and opens the eye area.

Bold colour and strong definition:
Finally, to slay this brow shape, you will need a perfectly defined front, arch and a straight, tapered tail. When styling your brows, use a highly pigmented brow product like Benefit’s Kabrow, $42 at Benefit, to both outline the shape and fill in the brow, then blend with a spooly brush to soften. Mutze’s top tip to nailing a refined, bold brow?: “Keep a matte brow highlighter on hand, and trace a line right underneath the bottom line of the brow and blend well”

Break out that brow brush, perfectly shaped brows aren’t going anywhere.