The best dandruff-fighting products to use this winter

Dry, flaky scalp be gone!

By Ana Eksouzian-Cavadas
dandruff scalp health

While dandruff shampoos aren't a new thing, there is a tonne of awareness and hype around scalp health 'nowadays.

Many have started using clarifying shampoos to reduce product and oil build-up, and people are now well aware of how environmental factors can wreak absolute havoc on our scalps. As a result, we are far more willing to tackle our hair issues head on… (get it?).

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If you're out of the scalp health loop, issues with dandruff are a LOT more common than you might have thought. According to Better Health, about 50 per cent of the population will either have dandruff, or at least symptoms – including dryness and itchiness – at some point in their lives.

Although dandruff is not exclusively a winter thing, you better believe that our scalps are prone to a little dryness as we enter the cool months. "Very hot or very cold temperatures can make a dry scalp seem worse," says Dermatologist, Dr. Ilyse LefKowicz. So cold winds, followed by an office heater, then more cold winds will send your scalp straight to itchville and flakytown.

But before you write off dandruff products as harsh and drying, many formulas now include not only purifying and detoxing ingredients, but also deliver a big hit of moisture.

"There's definitely an available selection of good-quality products that are effective at combatting flakes, and also contain rich moisturisers to leave hair silky smooth and soft," says Dr. LefKowicz.

(P.S. According to Dr. LefKowicz, if you lower the temperature of your shower, and don't get too rough when drying your hair, you'll only improve your changes of a dandruff-free life.)

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