This is the best-selling skincare product of the last decade on Amazon

It's also their third best selling product overall...

By Laura Capon
Best-selling skincare on Amazon

Admittedly, we don't need much encouraging to go out and spend our hard-earned cash money on beauty products. But when someone gives us a product recommendation, we can immediately hear our bank balance dwindling.

So when Amazon Prime decided to celebrate their 10th birthday by releasing their best-selling products of the last decade, we were all over it.

You know how it is, you go on Amazon to buy that one book you wanted. Next thing you know you've got a basket full of American M&Ms, classic '00s boxsets (Newlyweds anyone?) and a whole load of beauty products that you definitely don't need.

But we've read those Amazon ratings, we know how harsh those reviewers are, so obviously we want to know what skincare item maintained that number one position for 10 whole years.

Step forward then Bio-Oil, who as well as being the number one selling skincare product, are also the third best selling product overall... now that's pretty impressive.

This multi-purpose oil has become a cult product in the beauty industry. From improving the appearance of stretch marks, to fading scars and moisturising skin, it has a whole host of skincare benefits.

We know what we'll be adding to our basket next.

Via: Cosmopolitan UK