Blake Lively's Hack For Nixing Brass Tones In Blonde Hair Won't Cost You A Cent

Her go-to colourist spills all!

By Ana Eksouzian-Cavadas
blake lively hair

Blake Lively has the kind of hair that we'd happily chop our left arm off for. Her long, golden tresses have us gawking each time she steps onto the red carpet, and we always have pictures of her blonde locks in tow when we visit our colourists.

So how exactly does you nail Blake's perfect shade of blonde (sans those nasty orange tones)? Of course, there are some great blonde shampoos — and even blue shampoos — out there that can definitely do their part when it keeps to keeping brassy tones at bay. But Blake Lively's go-to colourist, Rona O'Conner, has suggested one other easy fix to nix unwanted warm tones that won't cost you a cent.

"Protect porous blonde hair from chlorine by conditioning before shampooing to fill the hair, so it won't absorb as many minerals that can cause brassiness — especially if your home has brass pipes," Rona told StyleCaster.

Just to break that down: if your hair tends to hold a lot of moisture, condition your hair before you shampoo it so any gaps on the hair shaft are filled with conditioner rather than copper-filled water.

While you may not have guessed that your plumbing system had it in for your hair, a little something called 'Hard Water' may be responsible for sabotaging your hair colour.

"Hard Water is when water [contains] a high mineral content, usually minerals including calcium and magnesium," cosmetic chemist Ron Robinson revealed on cult beauty podcast Fat Mascara. "These excess minerals can build up in your hair and cause it to look dull, change the feel and even shift the colour."

It's time to switch up your shower routine for the better!