Blake Lively’s hairdresser created 5 different looks for her in 24 hours

Look #2 = everything.

By Erin Cook

As a rule, celebrities have great hair. While most of us mere mortals are forced to do our own dirty work, A-listers often enlist the help of a professional stylist to keep their hair in tip-top shape. Especially if they’re on the promotional trail.

One the of the aforementioned celebrities giving us hair envy is Blake Lively.

(Full disclosure: We LOVE Blake’s hair. So much so, we’ve dedicated an entire article to all of the times Blake gave us hair goals.)

While out and about promoting her upcoming film All I See is You this week, Blake stepped out wearing five different looks in one day… Five! Speaking to People, Blake's hairdresser Rod Ortega explained that it was a marathon day: “We needed to keep the hair moving constantly, so I never used too much hair product so I can switch her look around without too much effort.”

Let’s take a look at all of the styles, shall we?

Look 1: A Brigitte Bardot ‘do

According to Ortega, this style took 40 minutes to create and Blake wore it for about two hours.

Look 2: Brushed out curls

Ortega describes this look as “a nod to Hollywood.” It took approximately 20 minutes to perfect these brushed out curls, which Blake wore for 90 minutes.

Look 3: A ‘40s style roll

By this stage, the actress’ curls had dropped just a touch, and we complimented by a ‘40s style roll. This look took 20 minutes to create, and she wore it for approximately one hour.

Look 4: A low plait

TBH, we think Blake’s long blonde hair is perfect for a messy plait, and apparently, Ortega agrees. The style took around 15 minutes to create, and was worn by Blake for about an hour.

Look 5: A playful plait

Add a couple of pins, pull out a few wisps of hair and bam — you’ve got yourself a new ‘do. This was Blake’s last style change of the day, and only took 15 minutes to create. She kept this plait in for around 90 minutes.