This exfoliating scrub is made from actual meteorites

Yes, as in the meteorites that fly around the galaxy.

By Erin Cook

We interrupt your newsfeed – filled with Dr. Pimple Popper videos, Riverdale theories and Kim Kardashian street style moments – to bring you some important news: Australian beauty brand BLAQ just released a body scrub made from actual meteorites.

Yes, as in real meteorites that zip around the galaxy.

To be honest, we were sceptical at first. But take one look at the ingredients list of BLAQ Meteor Shower Scrub and there it is: meteorite powder.

The best part? Each pack comes with a unique code that allows you to track exactly where your meteor crashed to earth. According to the BLAQ meteorite tracker, our scrub was made using a meteor that landed in the mountains of Morocco, back in the year 2000.

In combination with activated charcoal and oils, the meteorite powder buffs away at dead skin cells and gives your skin a shimmery glow. Turns out, fragments of meteors are great exfoliants…

The BLAQ Meteor Shower Scrub will set you back $24.95 from You better get in quick – this other-wordly glow is limited edition.