This blogger attempted the ‘100 layers challenge’ with a BUBBLE MASK

Wait, what?

By Erin Cook
Beauty blogger Jeely bubble face mask challenge

Bubble masks are the latest beauty fad to capture the attention of the bloggersphere.


Well, this new category of face masks is unlike anything we've seen before. Initially, they are applied like a regular clay mask. But wait a few minutes and your face will begin to resemble a fluffy cloud.

Beauty blogger Jeely – who shot to Internet fame after a number of '100 layer' videos – decided to give the challenge a whirl using a bubble mask.

TBH, things started to get a bit tricky after the first layer. "God, I don't think this is working," she said while trying to apply the second layer with a brush. "Nope, nope, nope, I'm going to do this with my hands."

After one whole jar, Jeely's face looked like this:

After a few more layers, things start to get really hectic for Jeely. She just keeps going and going until she starts to look like The Elephant Man. (You have to admire her tenacity!) Watch the full video below.