Introducing ‘blorange’: the hair colour that’s about to fill up your Insta feed

Are you on board?

Blorange: It’s the new hair colour that’s attracting a lot of attention on the World Wide Web. (Not to be confused with blorenge, which is a big hill in Whales.)

This new take on pastel hair trend is a mix between blonde and orange – hence the name – with a teensy bit of pink thrown in for good measure.

It’s a little bit softer than some of the pastel hair colours we’ve seen previously and would work well on naturally blonde hair. Being a mix between blonde, orange, pink and red, there’s room for slight colour variations and highlights throughout.

This trend is not news to Georgia May Jagger, who debuted blorange hair back in October.

But the rest of the world just got the memo.

Seems like a pretty fun colour for summer, no?