OMFG: Botfly removals are the new pimple popping and prepare to die a million deaths


By Natasha Harding
Viral Botfly Removal Videos


If you're sick and twisted and derive some perverted pleasure from watching those vom-inducing pimple popping videos, welcome to the club.

As much as we try and stop ourselves from watching Dr Pimple Popper's explosive cyst surgeries and ~graphic~ extractions, there's something compulsively hypnotic about those viral clips.

But, just when you thought the internet couldn't get any more fucked up, someone went and discovered botfly removals.

For those of you who have NFI what botflys are, they're a small bee-type insect native to Mexico, Central and South America. Here's the screwed up part: These bastards are parasites and some species even grow their larvae in a host animal's flesh. Including humans.

And so the overgrown maggot-type extractions begin.

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We've rounded up some of the mankiest viral vids on the web, and shit gets srsly real.

First up is this juicy mofo being drawn out of some poor person's forearm.

One word: OUCH.

Then there's this stringy demon who ain't budging without a helluva lot of yanking.

If you think this one looks bad at the start, wait until you see what comes out.

Naturally, we've saved the worst for last.

Just try to make it through this clip without vomitting up everything you've ever eaten.