Cake mascara is the latest beauty product you never knew you needed

You can have your cake mascara and eat your cake too.

By Erin Cook

Ever heard of cake mascara?

Until five minutes ago, neither had we!

Basically, cake mascara is the OG of the beauty world. Way back in the late 1800s – before Facebook, iPhones and Menulog – mascara didn’t come in a tube. Instead, you coated your wand by pressing it against the compressed pigment in a separate compact.

Sounds messy right? Well, that’s only because it was.

Gradually, the tube shaped mascaras we know and love today replaced the old cake formula. But now, cake mascara is back, baby!

Introducing Bésame Cosmetics. The luxe beauty line recently released their own Cake Mascara at Sephora in the US and it has already sold out.

While it might not be as user friendly as the mascara that we’re used to, there are definite benefits to this old school method. For one, it’s more hygienic. Have you ever thought about what’s going on inside your mascara tube. I mean, you can’t even see inside it! There could be some funky sh*t going on in there. Also, double dipping your brush can lead to unwanted bacteria contaminating your product. Again, gross.

Cake mascara also doubles as an eyeliner. All you have to do is grab an angular brush and voila!

Long story short, we’re willing to give cake mascara a go! Now, we just need to find a way of getting our hands on Bésame Cosmetics’s new Cake Mascara.

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