8 Beauty Products Camila Mendes Uses on the Set of ‘Riverdale’ — and IRL

Take notes, people.

By Brooke Shunatona
Camila Mendes

You know and love Camila Mendes as her character Veronica on the hit series Riverdale, but in her real life, Cami prefers a more laid back approach to beauty. "Because I wear so much makeup in other things through my work, when I have a chance not to, I don't," she told Cosmopolitan.com at an event in Miami to celebrate her campaign (#YourHairTalksMakeAStatement) with John Frieda.

"I'm very simple when it comes to beauty products; I alternate a lot between new things [because] I'm always getting sent new stuff and I like experimenting," she said. So, which products is this actress experimenting with right now? Read on to find out.