Cardi B 200% slays in this rare makeup and wig-free selfie

Two words: natural beauty.

cardi b grammys 2018

Cardi B has proved time and time again that she is the absolute QUEEN of an OTT look, preggers or not. So when she posted this totally pulled-back look, we were equal parts shocked and proud.

Joining the ranks of celebrities who have shared their own stunning no makeup selfies, the soon-to-be-mumma posted a bare faced snap on Instagram just hours ago. And not only did she go totally makeup free, but she also gave us a glimpse at her natural hair sans wig.

And we're not the only ones who think this raw pic of Cardi is totally gorge. Having only been posted 9 hours ago, the post has already racked up over two million likes and a ton of comments praising her for sharing such a candid snap.

"You're amazing! Thanks for staying true to yourself!" said one of her fans, while others commented with "Natural Beauty!" and "Hair goals."

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This selfie is just another example of the rapper's super relatable approach to beauty. She counts a number of affordable beauty brands, including Neutrogena and Milani, among her must-have products, as well as totally losing her shit when she gets her hands on a hyped celebrity makeup launch.

Never change, Cardi.

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