6 times Chloe Morello put her body on the line in the name of beauty


Chloe Morello.

When it comes to the beauty world, our cover star Chloe Morello is one of the greats out there. Not only for teaching us how to do our makeup in a non-sucky way, but also because Chloe's fear factor when it comes to beauty is practically zero.

Since she started up, Chlo has always been open about things. From which facials she gets, to her lip injections and even her boobs (yes, there's a whole video dedicated to them… don't pretend you're not interested), the beauty guru isn't about that secret life.

So it's not surprising that, in the pursuit of beauty, Chloe has tried out some things we would totally balk at.

As an ode to her always taking one for the team (and then posting about it on YouTube), here are six times Chloe went above and beyond for beauty.

Getting lip fillers

In a video called 'The Truth About My Face!', Chloe revealed that she's been getting lip fillers in her top lip since she was 20. The work is super subtle and looks amazing, obviously, but it's nice to be able to see the before-and-after difference on someone, especially on someone who's so open to talking about every gnarly aspect of it.

Shaving her face

We (try to) shave where necessary, when necessary. You know, the usual suspects: underarms, legs, etc., etc. But we have never even considered shaving our face! Until we saw Chloe do it in her '16 Best Makeup & Beauty Hacks 2017!' video, that is. The beauty guru revealed she regularly shaves her face with a small razor to keep her skin silky smooth. We'd be wayyyy to scared to put a razor anywhere that close to our eyebrows!

Puts pads on face

We know that fall-out from eyeshadow can be a bitch, but we hadn't really considered putting pads on our face until now. Miss Morello revealed in the same 'Beauty Hacks' video she uses them as eyeshadow guards by cutting them in half and sticking them underneath her eyes. Who knew!

Blow-drying her eyelashes

Heat + wind + our eyeballs + our precious eyelash extensions = our worst nightmare. But after seeing Chloe's insanely lovely lashes after she curls them with a blowdryer, we're forced to reconsider.

Contouring her boobs

We all love a low neckline when it comes to showing off the girls, right? But the thought of using contouring to make our boobs look bigger has never occurred to us (mainly because we have nightmares about making out with a guy and having our boob print come off on his t-shirt like a paint transfer). Chloe has, obviously, taken another for the team and showed us how to properly amp things up without it looking super fake in this very informative video. Props.

Getting forehead botox

If you don't like the thought of putting needles in your lips, chances are you don't like the thought of putting needles in your forehead, either. Luckily, we have Chloe and her two forehead wrinkles to live vicariously through in this video.