Beauty blogger, Chloe Morello reveals she shaves her face

And we’re kind of tempted to try it...

By Cassidy Loane

A few months ago if you would have suggested we shave our face to get the perfect makeup finish we would have been shocked and horrified. Nowadays it's another story, and more and more beauty bloggers are revealing that they are using this trick to get the perfect base for makeup.

The latest beauty vlogger to jump on the bandwagon is our very own Chloe Morello, who claims “Shaving your face is not scary guys. It does not come back thicker, it does not come back black…All that happens is that your face is as smooth as a damn dolphin.”

After revealing “peach fuzz” runs in her family, Morello claims that the foundation doesn’t create the finish she wants when she’s got hair on her face. She also reveals she usually uses a regular razor (not the same one she shaves her legs with – ew) or a mini style to get the fine areas around the mouth.

This makeup trend is sweeping the beauty world, boasting real life #flawless makeup application as well as exfoliating skin and helping with scarring and ageing. After hearing we’ll be smooth as a "damn dolphin" we may just have to give this quirky trick a try!