‘Crystal hair’ is the latest colour trend to catch the internet’s attention

It’s part-mermaid, part-natural and 100 per cent pretty.

By Erin Cook

Once upon a time, we thought that hair came in a variation of about, umm... five shades: blonde, brunette, black, red and grey.

Oh, how wrong we were!

With the help of the internet — specifically Instagram and Pinterest — a whole new world of hair colours has opened up. Now, hair can not only be colourful, it can also be dyed to resemble a whole host of everyday items, including denim, fairy floss, mulled wine and sushi.

The latest multi-colour trend to add to the list? Crystal hair.

Crystal-hued hair, or geode hair, is when a stylist dyes a client's hair to make it resemble a geode rock. Caitlin Ford, a hair stylist from the US, really nailed the trend by painting on glitter as a finishing touch. "I used big, chunky, iridescent glitter in the purple to mimic the amethyst points," she wrote on Instagram, "and used a clear glitter mixed with fine silver glitter to mimic the quartz edges."

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Other stylists have created a geode-esque effect without using glitter — and the results are pretty AF.