Um, so it looks like Delta Goodrem just got dreadlocks

Yes, you read that right.

By Natasha Harding
Delta Goodrem dreadlocks

In unexpected and concerning news: it looks like Australian actress/singer Delta Goodrem just went and got herself some dreadlocks. Yes, really.

It all started when a fan shared this picture with Delta on their Snapchat story few days ago:

While Delta's identity hasn't been officially confirmed, we have to admit it looks a helluva lot like her, right? And, let's be honest, a bit like Shakira circa 2009.

So we decided to do a little investigating to see wtf is actually going on.


A deep dive into Delta's Instagram around the same time shows the singer's hair has changed a LOT in the past few days and we don't even know what to believe anymore.

Just overnight Delta shared a pic of her with super short brown hair (giving us major Bella Hadid vibes in the process):

But, a few days earlier, Delta was reppin' her classic beach babe 'do that we know and love:

FYI, this picture looks like it was taken just TWO DAYS after the dreadlock sitch (which is nowhere to be seen on her Insta btw), leaving us confused AF.

The most likely explanation is that these dreads are just clip-ins, but the question of why Delta would get them done at all remains unclear. I mean, if this is Delta and they are clip-ins, cultural appropriation isn't a joke and it implies the hairstyle was used as a dress-up costume of some sort, which is so NOT okay.

Delta's yet to post anything about the dreads, or even acknowledge they happened, but we hope there's a good explanation for it all. After all, we'd hate to see Delta dragged for being culturally insensitive by appropriating hair synonymous with a culture she is not part of.