DIY summer freckles

Minus the sun exposure.

By Amelia Bowe
DIY freckles with no sun

Forget about covering your freckles this summer because it's ALL about showing them off. Yep, everyone will be recreating Victoria Secret model Erin Heatherton’s complexion for a raw, natural glow. The best part is, you don’t need to sit in the sun for hours to get the look.

  1. Start by applying your usual makeup. Mine includes CC cream, bronzer, blush and mascara. Take note as to where you might already have freckles before you apply your base, as you can accentuate these areas later.

I have little freckles along the bridge of my nose, around my hairline and on top of my cheekbones. But if you’re lacking in the freckle department (which may well be the case seeing as you're reading this in the first place), then focus on the areas where the sun naturally falls on your face. Your forehead, the bridge and either side of your nose, is a great place to start.

  1. Then, using a brown eye pencil, you can start to create your freckles. Ideally, it’s best to draw a range of sizes and to use two different coloured pencils (one lighter and one darker), because freckles aren’t a consistent shape or colour across your whole face.

  1. Gently dot them on, and to create a deeper pigment, roll the pencil. Don’t be afraid to go a little crazy, it’s okay if one of your freckles joins to another, or there’s more on one side – they’re supposed to be random. Usually your right side will house more freckles if you’re always driving, or if you’re always the passenger, you might find more on the left.

  1. Once you’ve completed all of your freckles, you can gently press them to smudge a few so they’re more uneven and blend into your skin. To finish, dust a loose translucent powder over the top to set them in place.

  1. To create an even more naturally sun-kissed look, you can add more makeup. (Yes, it seems contradictory, but sometimes less really is more!) Sweep more bronzer along your hairline and down your nose, and dab dewy highlighter along your cheekbones.

You’ll look like you’ve got absolutely no base on at all since your “freckles” are now visible, and you look younger!

If you want your freckles to be semi-permanent, use self-tan to create dots.