DNA braids are now a thing and Instagram is going nuts for them

Get ready to nerd out.

By Ana Eksouzian-Cavadas
DNA braids hair trend

Don't get us wrong, we live and die for a lazy girl hairdo. But even we know that, sometimes, you've just got to step your styles up.

One sure fire way to spice up your hair life is to take to Instagram for inspiration. While many of the questionable trends on your feeds may lead you astray, sometimes you come across a gem of a style — like 'DNA braids'.

Joining other viral braid trends — including 'pipe braids' and 'braided rose hair' — this nerd-approved style was created to replicate the twisted, double helix, and is the perfect intricate alternative to your every braid. Not to mention that they are STUN-NING. Seriously, we can't stop staring at them.

This hair masterpiece was brought to our attention by US-bases hairstylist, Alexandra Wilson, who is to thank for the little-known style flooding all of our feeds.

"I have actually seen the DNA braid done before, but it's just not a popular braid," Alexandra told Bustle. "I wanted to recreate it taking smaller sections so that it really made the braid look intricate. I attempted it because I wanted to try something new and different that a lot of people haven't seen before."

Slightly different to your stock-standard braid, the DNA braid sections the hair into three parts, rather than two. To begin, take a small section of hair from the first part, and weave it through the remaining two parts. Keep repeating this process until you reach the bottom of your hair, and twist the entire braid for optimal double helix realness.

Confused? The stylist has saved us all the heartache of figuring the complicated style out on our own and has put together a little demo:

If you're game to give these mesmerising braids a whirl, here are a few DNA braid styles to inspire your next hair adventure.