Hey, you there! Want to see Dr Pimple Popper pop this giant forehead cyst?

You won’t be disappointed.

By Erin Cook

Dr Pimple Popper never fails to deliver the goods, does she? The dermatologist – real name: Dr Sandra Lee – has so many amazing pimple popping moments, it’s hard to pick a favourite. [Authors note: If I did have to choose, it’d be this baby-faced cyst, this blackhead or this large neck lipoma.]

The latest?

Dr Pimple Popper extracted a giant cyst from a man’s forehead.

Here, the cyst in question...

And again...

TBH, that lump looks like it’s been brewing for some time. Being the ultimate popaholic, Dr Pimple Popper took a moment to appreciate the cyst before removing it. She says in the video: “He really took good care of this cyst. He nurtured it and let it get nice and to this size and not popped. That's impressive.”

WARNING: The below video is graphic AF