‘Drip dye hair’ is now a thing and watching it is stressing us out

This technique is defs not for the faint hearted.

drip dye hair colour taylor rae instagram

It's safe to say that we'd all be pretty game to rock a fairy floss pink 'do a la Kim Kardashian. And who hasn't considered getting unicorn hair at one point or another? But if there's one thing we're a little hesitant about when it comes to our hair, it's the idea of someone literally pouring dye onto our head. And that's what the hair dye technique, 'Drip hair colour', is all about.

The brains behind the now-viral video that has flooded all our Instagram feeds is Denver colourist, Taylor Rae, and judging by her Instagram, it looks like she isn't afraid of a little experimentation with out-there hair colour.

"I've been thinking about it for a while and I wanted to see what would happen if I poured a bunch of colour on [someone's] head," Rae told Allure. "Initially, I started with a mannequin a few weeks ago and then I had a client who was willing to let me play with her hair to bring it to life for real!"

To truly master this technique — without making a big ol' mess of the whole thing — Rae sectioned off her client's hair into a top and bottom half, with cling film in between to separate the two segments. According to Allure, the trick to getting the dye to drip naturally is to dilute it slightly with water.

Before you assume that Rae was hell bent on just splashing a ton of colour onto her client's head (even though that was a big part of it), there were definitely steps taken to ensure that the outcome was beautifully coloured hair. "When it comes to dripping, the trick is to make sure to use colours that complement each other in each section to avoid creating an unwanted muddy colour," Rae explained to Allure, who opted for magenta and orange on the bottom layer of hair, and a combination of violet, blue topaz, and teal on the top.

The colourist also combed through each colour after applying it onto the hair to ensure an even distribution of colour. "I ran a wide-tooth comb through to spread the colour and ensure full, dimensional saturation, which is why I think it came out looking as solid as it does," she told Allure.

Although we're still a little uneasy about this whole drip dye business, it sure is mesmerising!