Emma Stone is completely unrecognisable with a mullet

Is that you, Emma?!

Emma Stone is completely unrecognisable with a mullet

Emma Stone’s signature auburn hair is officially no more and we had to do a double take when we saw this Tweet.

Tennis player, Billie Jean King, shared a flashback photo on Twitter of herself alongside male tennis player Bobby Riggs, next to a snap of Emma Stone and Steve Carrell on the set of ‘Battle of the Sexes’, and Emma is almost unrecognisable as Billie.

Side (but important) note: Emma and Steve are playing the real life tennis opponents in the film.

Given it was the ‘70s, Billie repped a seriously epic mullet and while Emma’s isn’t the full-blown shebang (get it?), it’s still pretty business at the front and party at the back given all those ~layers~.

And would ya check out old Stevie boy’s chops?

The pair look entirely adorable with glasses too.

Filming for the movie, which tells the story of Billie’s tennis match against Bobby, has only just begun filming, but we can’t wait to get an eyeful of that hair when it’s finally out.