Eyebrow wigs are a thing now

Think of them as tiny, Cara Delevingne-inspired merkins for your face.

Eyebrow wigs are a thing now

Now that we’re old enough to know better, and have witnessed first-hand the power of the power brow (heck, it made Cara D an icon), there’s no chance we’ll be letting our daughters ever touch a pair of tweezers… let alone pluck.

But for the ladies of Gen X, and part of Gen Y, who booked their brow waxing appointments religiously, and yanked any strays out between visits, the power brow is a dream and nothing more. The over-plucked arches of the ‘90s (thanks a lot, Mossy) are sitting pretty on their faces, and those tiny hairs they wish would grow back now refuse to breach the surface.

One Melbourne-based company has a solution – it’s not as scary as brow transplants, or as painful as brow tattooing, or as ick-sounding as ‘medicated gels’. Its eyebrow wigs.

Previously reserved for those suffering alopecia or undergoing chemotherapy, these teensy wigs are headed for the mainstream – at least in the Southern Hemisphere. Final Touch Brows are stocked in salons across Australia and New Zealand, and once applied using a special glue can last anywhere from a week to three months.

“Our brow wigs are made from 100% human hair which is treated and then injected into a polyurethane skin-like based, so the end result is natural-looking false eyebrows,” Danielle Kurukchi, owner of Final Touch Brows tells Cosmo.

“The demand for our eyebrow wigs has increased with our brand awareness and promotion. It ranges from women and men who have lost their brows due to cancer and the associated treatments, women in menopause or those who’ve simply over-plucked their brows,” she adds.

“It’s a simple way to give them back their confidence.”

It’s an eyebrow raising (sorry) concept, but no doubt one that’ll take off as the demand for bushier brows grows.