This 20-year-old woman is the perfect example of how eyelash extensions can go so wrong

She had an allergic reaction to the treatment and ZOMG.

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Long, 'next level lashes' are set to become one of this year's biggest beauty trends. If false lash effect mascaras aren't cutting it for you, you've probably thought about getting lash extensions. But be warned… Lash extension treatments can go horribly wrong — even if they're applied by a professional. Let this 20-year-old nursing student's story act as a cautionary tale.

Recently, Isabelle Kun visited her local beauty bar for a full set of lash extensions — a treatment she's been getting done every 2 to 3 weeks for the last year or so. Within hours of her eyelash extension treatment, Isabelle's eyes had swelled up so severely that she was left with almost no vision. "My girlfriend had slept over and I couldn't even see her," Isabelle told CTV News. She'd reacted so badly to the treatment that even her tonsils were inflamed: "I was having a hard time swallowing and even breathing."

Isabelle's friend was so shocked by the reaction that she rushed her to hospital, where the 20-year-old was given a mix of antihistamines and steroids to reduce the swelling both above and below her eyes.

You'd think that Isabelle would've been totally caught off guard by her bad reaction, right? However, this wasn't the first reaction she'd experienced after having her eyelashes done. Just last month, she visited the same beauty bar for extensions and questioned her aesthetician on the glue she used for the treatment. When voicing her concern that the glue caused her eyes to swell in the past, the aesthetician didn't seem too phased, saying that she wasn't sure of the brand but that Isabelle would be fine. You know what happened next…

And the nightmare is still not over for Isabelle, whose eyes are still so swollen that she hasn't been able to remove the lash glue from her eyes. "My eyes are actually even worse now," Isabelle told CTV News. "There's like a sac of fluid under my eye now. It's so gross."

But is this traumatic experience going to stop Isabelle from getting her lashes did in the future? Nope! Even after the swollen nightmare that her last treatment became, she is keen to keep getting lash extensions. "I would want to do them again, but I will be going for allergy testing first, because I do love getting fake eyelashes." Righteo Issy.

If you're going to get eyelash extensions done, PLEASE go to a reputable salon. You can find a bunch of legit places to get your lashes done here.