27 things all girls who wear false eyelashes know to be true

Realising your falsies are too long after spending half an hour applying them.

By Amelia Bowe
25 things all girls who wear false eyelashes know to be true

  1. Trying to refine your hand-eye coordination while plucking falsies from the packet and lining them up with your eye.

  1. That glue. It BURNS.

  1. Gluing your eyes shut.

  1. And getting the glue ALL over your fingers. SO MUCH STICKY.

  1. When you realise they’re too long AFTER you’ve spent half an hour applying them.

  1. You contemplate bailing on your night out because your eyelashes just won’t cooperate.

  1. You decide to trim the length down and you take a few of your own hairs in the process.

  1. Attempting to disguise the join on your eyelid with liner when you can’t even apply eyeliner normally.

  1. Realising you’ve got hairs overhanging on both your inner and outer corners.

  1. Applying mascara to blend your natural lashes with your falsies, only to realise the glue isn’t dry yet.

  1. Finally feeling like you’ve got your shit together, albeit heavy-lidded.

  1. Making one of your friends your DEC (AKA your Designated Eyelash Checker).

  1. Feeling like a total goddess, ~everybody look at me~.

  1. Fluttering your peepers at anyone and everyone who’ll goddamn glance at you.

  1. Mmmhmm… eyelash length is an indicator of how great a person I am.

  1. When you're on a mission to the bathroom to triple check your falsies are still in position.

  1. When you realise your eyelashes have crawled halfway down your face.

  1. When your eyelashes are making your 'lids look a little lazy after a few too many vinos.

  1. And then you find lashes in your drink.

  1. Or stuck to someone else’s cheek.

  1. Dealing with people who ask you “Are they real?” non-stop.

  1. Taking a final moment with your long, lush lashes in the mirror before you say goodbye.

  1. Trying to be responsible taking them off properly with the supplied remover and realising it takes an eternity. And you become impatient…

  1. So you ripped them off, and your real eyelashes went along for the ride.

  1. Feeling like you all of a sudden have no eyelashes once you’ve taken them off.

  1. Swearing you'll never bother with it again.

  1. Then ALWAYS going back for more.

Watch how to apply them like a pro. It's actually pretty ~mesmerising~.

(video via: Instagram)