The Fake Tan Fail So Great, It Got the Attention of A Major Sportswear Company

Just when you thought blotchy elbows were the greatest of your problems.

Eve tweet

Self-tanning can sometimes turn into a bit of a mission —picking the right product for your skin, avoiding blotches when applying, trying not to destroy a perfectly good set of sheets — but this woman’s hilarious fail brings the struggles of fake tan to a whole new level!

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Scottish woman Eve, a.k.a. @Evemallonxx, who is obviously just too keen to work on her fitness, tweeted this amazing pic after coming home from a gym sesh and removing her leggings, only to find that she had the word “Adidas” printed on the side of her leg:

“That’s the last time I work out with tan on ahahah” said Eve, whose tweet has now gotten over 6,000 retweets and almost 50,000 likes. After multiple comments telling her "You deserve a sponsorship", she eventually caught the eye of Adidas themselves, who loved this accidental product placement. The brand tweeted Eve, saying: “We’d say it’s fate. Way to rep the Three Stripes, Eve. We see you.”

Eve did what most of us would do if a major brand reached out, replying "soooo, does this mean i get free stuff? ". Unfortunately, Adidas are yet to reply to this request.

Apparently Eve is not the only Adidas lover who has fallen victim to this accidental brand endorsement. @edenchickenxo shared her pain with Eve via Twitter with the comment “same”

Let Eve’s tweet be a cautionary tale to all fake tanners out there, who will hopefully now leave fake tanning to after a sweat session, or avoid wearing leggings right after fake tanning. Unless they want to become a walking advert, in which case — go for it!