5 annoying as hell false lash fails we can ALL relate to

Why must life be so hard?

False eyelashes hold so much promise: mind-blowing length, fullness and volume. In short, everything you need to up your Friday night makeup game, right?

Wrong. ‘Cause false lash life rarely (read: never) goes like that.

In reality, applying false lashes is filled with more stress, heartbreak and tears than an episode of The Bachelor, leaving you feeling like the ultimate failure. Sob.

But you're not alone. Here are five false lash fails we can ALL totally relate to.

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1. Gluing your eyes stuck

You spend a crazy amount of time measuring your falsies, making sure they're a better fit than your real eyelashes, you've applied the glue, waited the recommended 10-15 seconds until it went tacky (factoring in the several times you stuck your finger in the glue to triple check it was tacky, not dry obvs), you've FINALLY got them in the perfect position, holding them there until the glue dries, you go to open your eyes to admire your epic new lash line and... you can't open your eyes.

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2. Wonky af lashes

It's not a good look when your lashes look drunk at the start of the night, but when it comes to fake lash application it can be hard to avoid. Forget winged eyeliner, anyone who can get symmetrical false lashes deserves a medal (and a wine). Luckily it's way easier to achieve with mascara, especially with a wonder wand like L'Oréal Paris False Lash X Fiber Mascara, which features 20 times more fibres than the regular False Lash Superstar Mascara. The two-step mascara also boasts a volumising black primer to help thicken each lash for next-level volume and an ultra-black formula for the extreme length of falsies. Genius.

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3. Falsies getting in the way

Got right, fake lashes can make you feel like you're living the ~dream~. Until you put on your glasses, sunnies or try to do anything remotely related with your eye. Then you suddenly transform from a happy-go-lucky look-and-me-and-my-pretty-flutter normal human being into a big ball of rage that CANNOT UNDERSTAND WHY ANYONE WOULD PUT THESE STUPID THINGS NEAR THEIR EYES GET THEM OFF.

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4. They can look obviously fake

It's a truth universally acknowledged that no matter how good/subtle/expensive your false lashes are, they'll always look a little unreal. Certain designs are made to blend in more with your natural flutter — wispy individual lashes on the outer bit of your eye are one of the most natural-looking ways of wearing falsies — but if you want to look more low-fi and real, yet still just as glamorous, go for mascara or bare lashes.

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5. Falsies stuck to your forehead

Nothing says “FAIL” more than waking up after a big night to find your false lashes still going strong, stuck to your forehead. What a time to be alive. Of course, it could be worse. You could find them on your bathroom floor looking suspiciously like a spider to your hungover/confused brain. We've all been there. Which is probably why we're all reading this, vowing to rip off the falsies for good — or at least save them for special occasions — and switch back to our beloved mascara that doesn't put us through nearly as much hassle, amirite?

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