Fight oily skin

Are you constantly on shine patrol? We show you how to get your skin in top shape.

By Edwina Carr
oily skin

Do you leave the house every morning looking primped and ready for work, only to find that your face has turned into an oil spill bigger that BP’s by mid-morning? Yep, it can be pretty annoying having to deal with shine all day long. Here’s how to control the sitch, stat.

Why so oily?

How oily your skin is all comes down to your hormones. “Our skin is oily due to our hormonal activity (testosterone) that stimulates your oil glands (sebaceous follicles) to produce oil (sebum) on the surface of the skin,” says Emma Hobson, skin expert and education manager at Dermalogica. So if you’re naturally oily, there’s not a whole lot you can do to change that…

Minimise shine

But if you are desperate to change your skin’s oily ways, don’t despair, there are tricks to managing it. Rather than buying cosmetics that give you a dewy sheen, opt for mattifying products that will work to reduce your shine factor. “The best way to reduce oil flow is to use an ingredient called Enantia Chlorantha Bark which has a 36 percent in reduction in pore size, 49 percent reduction in sebum flow and 55 percent less skin shine,” recommends Emma.

Sounds good to us! “Also there are some really effective oil controlling products on market that do help to reduce oil production, they come in lotions and mattifying serums and masques so be on the lookout,” says Emma.

Stay put please, makeup

Do you find that your oily skin causes your makeup to slide off super easily? It’s annoying and thankfully, there are products that will help to stop it. “Lookout for a mattifying moisturiser as a base, followed by an oil-free primer,” suggests Emma. Primer won’t only smooth out your skin tone, it’ll help your makeup stay put for longer – good bye oily skin!

The upside

Before you call the wahmbulance on your shiny skin, we have good news that might even, gasp, make you appreciate it! “Having oily skin will make you look younger for so much longer! There’s less dehydration in your skin plus the fine lines and dullness associated with it,” Emma says. See? We told you having oily skin isn’t all that bad!

Photography: Steven Chee/