A fish pedicure caused a woman’s toenails to fall off and we wish this was a joke

Time to rethink your go-to Bali pamper sesh.

By Erin Cook

When done correctly, a pedicure can make a lady feel like $100 million bucks.

Not a mani-pedi person? We'll try to explain the appeal. A good pedicure is on par with wearing a set of set of matching underwear from Love Stories — it's a small indulgence, and one that's not necessarily visible, however, it makes you feel good.

Key word: good pedicure.

As one woman recently found out, a dodgy pedicure can have unfortunate and unsightly side effects; in this case, after having a fish pedicure, the woman's toenails fell off.

According to a report published in the journal of JAMA Dermatology, the 20-something American woman went to her GP after her toenails began falling off. The nails began pulling away from the nail bed six months prior to her appointment — not long after she'd had a fish pedicure.

The author of the report, Shari Lipner, said the woman had no pain or previous trauma and didn't have a history of running or walking long distances on the road. Therefore, the fish pedicure was deemed to be the cause of her toenail woes.

Lipner explains why fish pedi's aren't a great idea: "Tubs and fish cannot be adequately sanitized between people, and the same fish are typically reused for successive persons. Thus, there are concerns of transmitting infections between people undergoing these pedicures."

Don't have to tell us twice. We'd like our toenails to stay exactly where they are — attached to our feet.