Fishtail eyebrows are trending according to Huda Kattan and sorry, whuuuut?

Huda, what did you do?

Before you freak out, beauty blogger de jour, Huda Kattan didn't shave her eyebrows -- but she certainly did something wild to them.

The makeup maven has taken a cue from brow specialist, Stefan (@skyzeditz) and experimented with his mermaid-inspired fishtail brow trend.

Stefan debuted the look on Instagram a few days ago, with the caption, "Fishtail Brows 🐟 what do you think? 💘" and from there things went nuts.

Stefan, the self-appointed "leader of fishtail brows", told PEOPLE that the key to achieving this look more digital wizardly than makeup magic.

"I was watching America's Next Top Model and noticed Rio Summers had a slit in her eyebrow with a tiny lift and thought that was interesting, so I then went onto Photoshop and played around with Huda [Kattan]'s eyebrows, extending the shape and increasing the gap," @SkyzEditz told PEOPLE. "I then noticed the shape looks similar to a fishtail, but I was debating whether to call it fishtail or horn brows due to the edit I did of @hailey_bui looking more devil-ish then fish-like!"

So before you try and DIY with a razor watch Stefan's little tutorial he's put up that will talk you through the trend, if fishtail brows are what you're after. Wait... are they reaaaaaaaally what you're after?