The Night King singing Drake while getting his makeup done is all of us on a Friday night

Of course “Passionfruit” is his jam.

game of thrones night king make up tutorial

The Night King in Game of Thrones is meant to be a character feared by men and women across Westeros, and the greatest threat to GoT civilisation as we know it. But in this video, the Night King is far from that, in fact, if anything, he is a little… jazzy.

In a hilarious video posted by the Game of Thrones Facebook page, we see the Night King getting dolled up with his White Walker make up while having a jolly old sing-a-long to an extremely unrelated song: “Passionfruit” by Drake.

We know what you’re thinking — Jon Snow can’t even crack a smile, but the Night King can get groovy? It may seem unbelievable, but get ready to flip all Game of Thrones logic on its icey-blue-eyed head.

Frankly, we love that the Night King is repping all of us getting ready for a big night, and we’re extra stoked that we'll be 1000 per cent less terrified when he pops up on our screens in this season of Game of Thrones. Cheers, bro.