Your Gilmore Girls obsessed mate is going to FLIP when she sees these makeup products

There’s Gilmore Girls themed eyeshadows, lip balm and nail polish.

By Erin Cook

It’s official: the world has reached peak Gilmore Girls fever. In preparation for the new Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life episodes – which drop on Friday BTW – any self-respecting fan has been religiously re-watching all of the old episodes.

Now, you can go one step further and invest in Gilmore Girls beauty products! And actually wear them while you’re watching the revival eps! (Too far? Nahhhhh…)

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These Gilmore Girls eyeshadows are made by Brija Cosmetics and come in 17 different colours. There colours have fantastic names that range from ‘A Film By Kirk’ to ‘Vivcious Trollop’ and ‘Produce Guy.’

Oh, and did we mention they’re 100% vegan, cruelty free, dye free and made with organic oils.

Lip balm

Next, are these equally amazing lip balms. An entire lip kit contains three balms: ‘Vicious Trollop,’ ‘Spring Break’ and ‘Java Junkie.’ They’re pink-orange-vanilla, mango-mint and coffee flavoured and we want need them all! These Urban Tee Farm lippies are also organic.

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Nail polish

US cosmetics company Nvr Enuff Polish have created a line of Gilmore Girls polishes and we’re not sure how we made it this far in life without them. The range contains five polishes, made without carcinogens. More importantly, the names are really cool. There’s Town Meeting, 24 Hour Dance-a-Thon, The Winter Carnival, Spring Fling Festival and End of Summer Madness Festival.