Glam Glow’s new glitter mask is about to take over your Instagram feed

Introducing the internet’s shimmery new obsession.

By Erin Cook

Let’s be real — some beauty products are just begging to be Instagrammed. Take the Frank Body scrubs for example. If you don’t ‘gram a picture of your head and shoulders covered in the coffee-based exfoliator, did it even happen? Then there’s the Insta-famous face masks, including the peel-off charcoal ones, Sand & Sky and K-Beauty bubble masks.

Now, we’re 99.99 per cent sure we’ve discovered the next big thing in Instagram beauty.

Introducing Glam Glow’s new #Glittermask Gravitymud Firming Treatment.

The Glam Glow #Glittermask hasn’t even been released yet and it already has a waiting list. From what we can gather, the mask’s #1 selling point is how Instagram-friendly is looks on your face. It’s pretty AF. There’s glitter for days (and days and days and days!)

This new #Glittermask has all the benefits of the Glam Glow GravityMud Firming Treatment. Plus sparkles, obvs. Basically, you paint it on and wait 20 minutes while it works its magic, firming and tightening your skin. Then, you peel it off to reveal a taut compextion. Et voila!

The #Glittermask drops in the U.S. in December. Stay tuned for more details regarding an Australian release date…