This glitter nail polish hack will take your mani game to a whole new level


By Victoria Jowett

Like most people, I have a love/hate relationship with glitter nail polish. On the one hand I love it, because it turns my nails into sparkly disco balls, but on the other, it can be time-consuming and irritating AF.

Yep, while the shiny rainbow flecks never fail to draw me in, the time and effort it takes to apply a bazillion coats of glitter, kills ALL the fun. Most of the time I'm left with patchy clumps of sparkle sporadically placed across each nail. Cute, huh?

Well guess what? It seems as though this mani 'mare might actually be over. Because beauty vlogger, Kelli Marissa, has come up with a clever way to ensure a flawless glitter finish with zero patchiness.

Check out her video below to see the hack in action...

Clever, right? Let me break it down for you...

Step one: Apply a clear base coat.

Step two: Kelli uses 'liquid latex' to paint around the edges of her nail, but the trick works just as well with PVA glue.

Step three: Dab a glitter nail polish on to the corner of a small sponge.

Step four: PAT the glitter onto your nail using the sponge. Apply it in layers to build up a fully opaque coverage.

Step five: Finish with a topcoat.

Et voila! No more patchy manis.

Source: Cosmo UK