Goodbye, hair!

Bikini and singlet weather means you need to up your hair removal game, stat.

By Edwina Carr
Hair removal

Winter is great for a couple of reasons: 1) hot chocolate and 2) the free ticket to be totally, ruthlessly lazy when it comes to hair removal. Yep, it’s safe to say our legs resemble one of the werewolves from Twilight in the colder months…

But now that summer is knocking on our door, it’s time to bring out the razors, wax and other hair removal methods so your hair sitch is well under control by the time you hit the beach. Here’s how…

Remember to prep

Just like with spray tans and other beauty treatments, it’s important to prep your body before you even think about removing hair. Beauty expert Bonnie Gillies says exfoliation is important. “You should keep a loofah or exfoliating glove in the shower and use it at least twice a week,” she explains. “Plus, before waxing ensure your skin is clean and free of moisturiser or lotion.”

Pick and choose

There are SO many hair removal methods out there; waxing, shaving and laser – so what one should you choose? It depends on your needs and preference. “While laser hair removal may cost more, results will be permanent,” explains Bonnie. “Plus, it’s an excellent solution for those who suffer from ingrown hairs.” And you can have laser treatment everywhere from your eyebrows to your toe hairs (yes, really).

“Waxing is a great option for smaller areas like eyebrows and upper lip which aren't easy to treat with laser. On your legs its best to either wax or shave, this is because after laser IPL treatment you need to keep out of the sun or you risk getting pigmentation and the legs are one part of you that cops the most sun,” says Bonnie. So stay clear of having laser on your pins until the cooler months come around.

Hair removal and tanning

Removing pesky hairs and giving yourself a faux tan are high up on every girl’s summer beauty prep list, right? But it’s important to always get your hair sitch sorted before you even think about reaching for your fake tan bottle. “Waxing and shaving will strip off your tan,” explains Bonnie. You’ve been warned!


Keen to cut costs and keep your hair removal to the privacy of your own home? It can totally be done. “I have an IPL system which is DIY laser hair removal. I can use it whenever I need to in the comfort of my own home. Mine cost around $1200 but after the initial outlay you’ll be way ahead if you add up the cost of ongoing laser treatments in a salon. For shaving I use a razor and shaving cream, your legs feel amazingly smooth after using it! And for DIY waxing I love a roll on applicator for small areas like eyebrows and upper lip; there’s no mess and it’s easy to use,” explains Bonnie.

So what hair removal method will you be using this summer?

Photography: Steven Chee/