Got acne? There's officially an App for that

This app will diagnose and treat your skin conditions.

Ah, technology, you’ve done it again! This time, the universe has given us an app that essentially acts as a portable dermatologist.

Spruce, an iPhone app that first popped up last week, lets you take photos of your face, send them off to a dermatologist to review and diagnose, then shoots you back the best course of treatment.

Pretty fancy stuff, huh?

While the idea of getting your skin condition diagnosed in the palm of your hand is a little scary, the reviews on iTunes so far are glowing:

"Amazing app. Words cannot express how easy and timeless it is to operate and eventually find the solution your looking for. Blown away."

Using the app, which is unfortunately only available in the US right now, a 'visit' is only $40 and includes a personalized treatment plan with prescriptions sent direct to your pharmacy.

Here's hoping Australia picks it up soon!