Hailey Baldwin’s best beauty moments


By Mel Evans

This week ModelCo announced Hailey Baldwin was creating her own line of cosmetics with the iconic Aussie brand.

'Now we can look like Hailey!' we all thought. No? Just us? Regardless, her Instagram is a farking treasure trove of flawless moments, so what better time to take a look at some of Hailey's best beauty moments?

To answer, there is no better time. No. Other.

  1. Like this time she werked a new lob and golden smoky eye. Who's even noticing the ~funky~ wallpaper behind her? Pfft, what ferns?

  1. Or this time she is doing the double hugh bun (sounds like a gymnast's move). You want to do a double high bun now, don't you?

  1. Or that time she was in a Guess campaign and we guess her makeup was flawless. Like always. We're seeing a pattern here.

  1. Okay, this is a dang given because EVERYBODY looks baben with this Snapchat filter. Find me someone who doesn't look flawless with this butterfly halo and you've found me a liar. Go on.

  1. Even with a black wig (at least, we think it's a wig) this girl is giving us hair goals.We want her hair, and we want her fake hair.

  1. The sunshine is all 'hey, Hailey, oh you're taking a selfie? Can I outshine you?' and Hailey's all, f*ck off, sun, no - you cannot. And she was right.

  1. Let's be honest, the nonchalant pic is a hard one to pull off. But not if you're Hailey MoF*ckin' Baldwin, tho.

  1. Here's the wig again...taunting us...

9.This is what we TRY to achieve with the whole 'I woke up like this' vibe. It is not what we achieve. Unless you're Hailey Baldwin.

  1. A full on smokey eye like this is a ballsy move. Yet, once again, she nails it. Well...her makeup artist does. Props to that legend.

  1. Some people are just born dewy. Hailey Baldwin is one of them.

  1. One day, future humans will find this image and they will worship it and she shall be known as Kween Hailey and will be the patron saint of cosmetics. What a time to be alive.

  1. It's really unfortunate that Hailey got soaked right before this shot. I hope the camera equipment is okay. We know how electronics and water don't mix.

  1. It's almost like Hailey Baldwin is pissed off someone is taking her photo, but then we remember that she is never pissed off someone is taking her photo. Because she's flawless AF.

  1. Dayyyyyum Hailey, back at it again with the smoky eye.

  1. With makeup this on farking fleek, how can anyone pout?

  1. Ah, the bed head once more. We know it's so good, but sister should really take off her make up before she goes to bed each night. Does she not read Cosmo?

  1. Freckles or fake? Whatever, we're getting cheese fries.

  1. Messy pony. Smoky eye. The ol Hailey 1-2: and our new go-to.

Hailey Baldwin for ModelCo hits stores later this year. Start saving.