5 hairstyles to defy the downpour

Fck the frizz.

By Jess Pullar

Ah, rain. Farmers would argue that rain is a god send. But in our opinion, it's a form of cruel and unusual torture, sent by Mother Nature to ruin our carefully styled locks.

There's nothing more frustrating than spending an age styling your hair, only to leave the house and see the rain turn it from post-makeover Princess Diaries Anne Hathaway to, well, pre-makeover Anne Hathaway.

The worst part? There's no escaping the rain – especially as we enter the throes of winter shudders.

But don't fret — there are a few simple hairstyles that will hold their own against the elements, so you don't end up looking like a drowned rat. In fact, they'll keep you looking fresh and presentable, no matter what kind of evil debauchery nature throws at you on your daily commute.

1. The top-knot

We could do this timeless style with our eyes closed. Simply comb back your hair into a high ponytail, divide your pony into two equal sized sections and twist them around each other. Then, wrap it around the hair tie, using a bobby pin (or three) to secure the end. Voila!

2. The low-pony

The glorified Ariana-esque high-pony is always a winner. Unless it's raining, that is. But don't worry, it's little sister is here to bail you out: the sleek low-pony. Simply part your hair wherever you prefer along the crown and comb back your hair to the base of your head, securing with a hair tie.

3. Out-but-tucked

This one's a tried and true success when it comes to defying the frizz. Leave your hair out and style as per usual. Then, before you hit the pavement, tuck it into your collar. (Turtle necks work best.) Done and dusted — it's like flipping your middle finger to the rain.

4. Hats

The weather might be gloomy, but the #fashun certainly isn't. Accessorise your look and save your hair by rocking a hat. A trendy baker boy cap will give you that model-off-duty IDGAF look, while woolly beanies are practical and cute AF. Trendy, and dry — what more could you want?

5. Braids

Whether you're after a simple French-style or the Katniss Everdeen-esque double braid, these puppies are your best bet for keeping your hair in place no matter what sorcery is going on outside. Our favourite? The textured pony braid. Just plump up your roots with some sea-salt spray and section the hair into three even parts to plait down the hair.