This woman put on a full-face of Halloween makeup and scared the sh!t out of her boyfriend

The poor guy was just trying to sleep!

By Erin Cook

Hear that? It’s the sound of Heidi Klum shivering in her boots. ‘Cause while Heidi may be the reigning champ of Halloween costumes, British woman Natalie Weaver is coming her for her title.

Seeing as there’s less than two weeks ‘til Halloween, Nat has been practicing her special effects makeup skills, transforming her face from normal, girl-next-door pretty, to THIS:

Scared? Us? Never!

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Okay, maybe we were a little scared… The 24-year-old transformed her face, adding black eyes, blood, melted skin and stitching around her mouth.

To test out her Halloween ‘look’, Nat decided to scare her boyfriend while he was sleeping. She entered the bedroom moaning, “My face! My face!” Her boyfriend’s reaction is hilarious.

Watch the full video here.