Harry Potter makeup brushes exist and ZOMG

Shut up and take our Galleons!

By Erin Cook

This is not a hoax: a US based company are in the final stages of creating Harry Potter themed makeup brushes.

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Last week, we discovered Harry Potter themed makeup palettes and while they were cool and all, they don't actually exist. Alas, they were just mockups.

However, these Harry Potter makeup brushes are a real thing that you can actually use to apply foundation, concealer and eyeshadow.

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According to Allure, the brushes are the brainchild of sisters Mandy, Missy and Erin Maynard of Storybook Cosmetics. While their main venture – the Geeky Cauldron – specialises in Harry Potter jewellery, scarves and phone cases, they've decided to branch out into the cosmetics industry.

They made the announcement via Instagram, "SURPRISE! After a year in the making, we have our FIRST product coming!!! Keep an eye on this page in the coming weeks!"

We'd like to wingardium leviosa these brushes right into our hot little hands.

Keep an eye on Storybook Cosmetics' Instagram page for more news.