In today's random news: Harry Styles has just been sent 100 bath bombs

Potential reason: Because he's a sex bomb.

harry styles bath bomb lush

In this week’s random news, Harry Styles has been sent a shitload of bath bombs.

Why? Well if you wind back the clock to Harry’s self-titled album release, there was a lot of hype surrounding the pink bath water in his cover.

It was a millennial pink swell, with a strange selection of odd objects floating around in it, like flowers, leaves, bolts and a bit of orange peel.

After the album cover release, Hazza-fans started pestering the company known best for its colourful bath products, the one and only Lush.

Though fans were convinced that Lush MUST be the source of Harry’s pink swamp, one Lush employee finally confirmed that they were not the brand behind the bath colour.

BUT they did have a handy copy-cat solution instead:

Obviously, the viral association between boy band bae Harry Styles and bath bae Lush has proven to be a good thing for Lush sales, and now the brand wants to thank the popstar.

And what better way to thank him than with the one thing that started this whole pink palava: bath bombs. Which is why Lush is shipping 100 ‘Sex Bombs’ Harry’s way.

This bath bomb is described as a “sphere of sex” containing “nature’s most potent and seductive ingredients” including jasmine, sage and ylang ylang — all notorious aphrodisiacs. Bit of a flirty thank you there, Lush!