This magical colour-changing hair dye is the low key hair transformation you’ve been waiting for

Because hair sorcery is the best kind.

Have you always lusted after unicorn hair but aren't ready to fully commit to the dye job? Well, we may have found the perfect solution to all of your coloured hair woes.

Lauren Bowker of The Unseen has used her knowledge in material science to produce this awe inspiring 'fire hair' dye.
According to Lauren, the dye is "is responsive to you and your environment by changing colour to passing temperature fluctuations." In other words, fire hair is heat-activated, and your hair colour will remain its natural tone until it comes into contact with varying temperatures.

And for all you non-committers out there, the dye is semi-permanent and will gradually fade over a few washes.

While fire dye is not yet available to the public, Lauren and The Unseen are actively trying to get the first colour-changing hair dye in the world to market.